Spatchcokcing or butterflying a bird has usually been reserved for BBQs. It’s a method that’s used by removing the breastbone and flattening the bird. There’s no reason why it can’t be adapted to roasting and the results are incredible. For starters you can cook a small turkey under 60 minutes, 90 minutes for the larger birds. As the bird is flattened, it cooks more uniformly reducing the chances of dry breasts. Because all of the skin is evenly exposed to the heat of the oven, you don’t get any lighter or less cooked parts, resulting in crispier golden skin all around. By adding hot boiling water on the skin first, it helps in breaking down the collagen rendering it even crispier. Of course if you like to present a whole bird at the table, then this method won’t be as attractive, (seem my other recipes) but if you carve your turkey in the kitchen, then this is a great option. We all need that extra time particularly at Christmas.