This is a no fuss turkey recipe and yet it’s probably the best turkey you will ever taste. There’s no basting required as basting doesn’t do much anyway, except extends cooking time by opening the oven door every 15 minutes. Once the skin has sealed in the juices, the basting is pointless, as the juices simply bead off the skin, just like water on a duck’s back, or should I say turkey? However, preventing the breast from over cooking and drying will make your turkey moist and incredible. So why do we baste? To keep the breast meat cooler which helps prevent overcooking. This is also the science behind the cheesecloth, it keeps the breast meat cooler, stops it from over browning and works even better with the slow ‘less drying’ cooking process. There’s no stuffing in this recipe as that lengthens the cooking time. Best to do your stuffing separately, see my stuffing recipes for ideas. And the gravy? It’s to die for, I kid you not! It’s made with vegetables and enhanced with a dry sherry. As an option, I’ve followed my French tradition by using chestnuts. You can buy fresh chestnuts, sealed bags or even in cans ready to go, so no fussing about here. Ok so I’m making myself hungry just writing this, now off to the kitchen and let’s get this turkey started! It’s so simple! Enjoy my slow cooked cheesecloth turkey with chestnut gravy. Happy Merrydays! Merry Holidays, oh heck! I don’t know what I’m supposed to say anymore, MERRY CHRISTMAS. 😊