Duck a l’orange or as know in French, canard a l’orange is a fancy and classic French dish, that you can make at home. It can also be braised, but this version is roasted.

For a beautiful tender meat, the duck is first covered and almost steamed in an oven for approx. 80 minutes. It’s then uncovered and finished roasting to obtain that beautiful brown crispy skin.

Keep the excess duck fat, that is gold! So nice with roasted potatoes, see my recipe.

Make sure you scrape those dark bits of caramelisation in the bottom of the pan, and mix them well. That’s the flavour to your jus and the sauce will be incredible.

If you want to go more classic, you can also add as an option a little Grand Marnier liqueur to the sauce, and garnish with blanched julienne of orange zest and some orange segments.

When serving, pour the sauce around the duck so you retain that nice crispiness in the skin. Great served with green beans and roasted potatoes cooked in duck fat of course!