There’s nothing better than BBQ chicken if the chicken is done right. Most of the time chicken breasts are overcooked and very dry. I used a kettle style BBQ for this recipe but you can also do it in a conventional home oven. The main secret is to seal in the juices with high heat at the start and then slow cooking for the remainder of the time at a lower temperature. That’s where these charcoal BBQ’s are ideal because as the wood or coals naturally die down, the barbecue automatically lowers the temperature rendering a super juicy bird. The second part is by spatchcocking or butterfly cutting the bird. By splitting open the bird and spreading it out, the breast are on the same level as the legs giving you less chances of over cooking them. If you’re cooking this in a BBQ, add a little piece of water soaked wood for that smokiness at the very start. And remember to always wash your hands between each step when handling raw chicken. Happy chicken!