Looking for a flavour bomb chicken recipe? Then try Marry me chicken, a dish that lives up to its name with its undeniable flavour and creamy texture. It’s a dish that exploded on the internet. I’ve received so many requests, that I could no longer ignore it, so here’s my version. Instead of breasts, I prefer to use tender, chicken thighs but you could use breasts if you prefer.

So what is Marry Me Chicken? Pan-seared chicken thighs bathed in a rich and vibrant cheesy sauce, bursting with the savoury tang of sun-dried tomatoes and the warmth of Italian spices. Hints of garlic and lemon peek through the creamy base, creating a symphony of taste that’s both comforting and surprisingly complex. Each bite is an invitation to indulge, leaving you wanting to savour every morsel.

So be careful who you share it with, and as you may receive a proposal. It’s true!  It’s powerful, it should be banned! You’ve been warned!!!

Enjoy my version of Marry me chicken, I would prefer to call it Flavour Fusion Chicken.