Peruvian-style roast chicken, also known as “Pollo a la Brasa,” is celebrated for its vibrant flavours and crispy skin. Now you can easily make this recipe at home, in your oven or on the BBQ!

The marinade, typically made with garlic, cumin, paprika, lime juice, and olive oil, imparts a savoury and tangy taste, while jalapeño or traditional ají amarillo peppers add a spicy kick, adjust amount to your liking. Marinating overnight deeply penetrates the meat, but a few hours will also suffice. Separating the skin from the breast and applying the marinade directly ensures juicy and flavourful meat. Cooking on a BBQ adds an even better delightful smoky aroma. Serve with roasted potatoes, fresh salad, or green chili sauce for a delicious and Peruvian style meal.