Imagine biting into a piece of chicken with skin so crispy it crackles with every bite, revealing tender, juicy meat underneath. This dish features an incredibly flavourful red wine vinegar sauce, which elevates the chicken to new heights. The sauce has a rich base of homemade chicken stock, enhanced with the tangy depth of red wine vinegar. Finely chopped shallot and garlic add aromatic notes, while tarragon herbs add a slightly aniseed flavour that marries so well with chicken.

The secret to the sauce’s luxurious texture lies in the final step of emulsification with butter. This technique binds the sauce together, creating a smooth, creamy, and buttery consistency that coats the chicken perfectly.

Enjoy this culinary gem, known in France as Poulet au Vinaigre de Vin, and savour a crispy, succulent chicken with an amazing sauce.