This recipe features succulent chicken thighs pan-seared in butter to golden perfection. Why chicken? Because everyone seems to love it!  I think it’s also the only protein left that hasn’t gone through the roof in price! The star of the dish is however the ‘quick to make’ mushroom ragù, made from a blend of button and dried porcini mushrooms infused with aromatic herbs and a splash of red wine. Just wait until you taste this! as we say in French, Incroyable!!!

The dried porcini mushrooms (known as cèpes in France) are the star of the show, so no compromises, you need to buy some, (otherwise select another one of my chicken recipes, I think I have about 400!) The mushrooms are purchased dried then rehydrated to intensify their flavour which lends to a rich depth to the sauce. The sauce is then thickened with cream.

This hearty chicken meal delivers a symphony of earthy flavours, while a sprinkle of fresh parsley adds a vibrant finishing touch. Even Whiskey got a few nibbles of chicken, without the sauce of course!