A fairly simple steak recipe for meat lovers.  You’re a meat lover?  Awesome! Keep reading…  This recipe is all about the meat, so buy the best you can afford.


For this recipe I used a prime cut of grass fed rib eye beef.  Each piece, untrimmed with the bone was 820 grams or 1 pound 13 ounces!  These are not cheap, but still worth every cent.  They are mammoth big steaks, and you could certainly share one between two people. I just know that meat lovers will want to eat the whole thing. 


It’s important to take the steaks out from the fridge 20 minutes or so before cooking. This will be less of a shock once it hits that griddle, and it will help retain its juices. 


I like my ribeye with the bone, it gives a better flavour plus it’s great to use as a handle, eating caveman style.  I also like to French it up a little, by trimming away all the sinew and scraping away any meat off the bone.  This makes it look so much nicer, worthy of being in a restaurant.  Have you ever seen cavemen in a restaurant? Moving on!


You want a steak of at least 1 ½ inch thick. I wouldn’t go much less than that.  If you have a laser thermometer, it’s best to heat your griddle pan or BBQ griddle around the 230°C – 450°F mark. 


Once cooked and removed from the oven, for medium rare, you should look for 55°C or 130°F internal meat temperature.  I do recommend a meat thermometer to be sure, but please don’t turn it into a pin cushion, you will lose all those beautiful juices.  The steak will also continue cooking a little when resting.  If you prefer less or more cooked, then that is up to you to add or subtract. The 10-minute timing in this recipe is an approximation only.