Say farewell to dull, tough beef stir-fries! This easy recipe brings you juicy steak, crisp greens, and a flavourful sauce that’ll make your taste buds dance. I love this this recipe, a fairly classic Asian stir-fry featuring tender beef, crisp greens, and a delicious savoury sauce. It’s inspired by Chinese cuisine, known for its vibrant flavours and textures.

Cooking this dish at home has its advantages over ordering takeout. Firstly, you have control over the quality and freshness of the ingredients, making for a healthier meal. You can also customise the dish to suit your taste preferences and dietary needs, adding extra vegetables or adjusting the spice level.

Preparing this stir-fry at home offers a sense of accomplishment and allows you to connect with your food. Sharing the finished dish with loved ones adds to the enjoyment, creating a memorable dining experience.

Best part, I can make this quicker than ordering take out to be delivered. It’s cheaper, healthier and fresher. Just put on your rice on while you’re making this dish and the two will be ready on time.

Serve your flavourful stir-fry with rice, topped with sesame seeds. Enjoy every bite of this delicious dish!