When I see the word Provence associated with food, my taste buds always get excited.  Perhaps I’m biased as I was born there, but the food from Provence has always been my go to preference.  Influenced by the Mediterranean, Provencal cuisine is often closer to Italian than the French Parisienne style.   Maybe that’s why I mainly cook Italian meals.  When I think of Provence, garlic, olives, herbs and tomato comes to mind.  Everyone’s heard of “Herbes de Provence” which is made up of rosemary, thyme, oregano and sometimes a little basil, fennel or sage.

Traditionally a whole chicken was used and broken down, and together cooked for well over an hour. Sometimes bell peppers and shallots were also used.

This chicken Provençal recipe is a lot simpler, faster and uses basic ingredients that are easy to get.  The result in the flavour is still amazing.  The butter at the end just brings it to a whole new creamier level. 

You will need a good homemade chicken stock for that amazingness, but if you don’t, use what you have, it will still be delicious.    If you prefer chicken thighs, then that is fine too, just cook them slow and a little longer.  Enjoy Chicken Provençal.