Salade Nicoise as the name suggests comes from the city of “Nice” in Provence, in the South of France. There’s been so many variations of this bistro style famous salade that it’s difficult to judge what an authentic Salade Nicoise actually is. Perhaps the Nicoise is simply a salad made with local ingredients. Some have potatoes, tomatoes, broad beans and more. Three key ingredients that seem to be ubiquitous are the olives, eggs and anchovies. My twisted version is made simple, with a freshness that will make feel like you’re actually in Provence listing to singing cicadas under the shade of an olive tree . You can also use tin tuna, but as always, fresh cannot be beaten. Cook it to your liking, but be aware that tuna is a very lean fish, it can turn very dry if overcooked, so I suggest rare, or very pink in the middle.