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Lamb Cutlets Herb Crust

With the herb flavours and the sealed juices, these cutlets ideally served with mash potato make a fantastic dinner. You can also prepare them in advance for dinner parties.

Simple Roast Pork

Sometimes you simply want a no fuss recipe with maximum result. This pork recipe is very easy, sorry there’s no crackling just succulent pork meat. I cooked this on holidays

Pork Stuffing

This pork stuffing is wrapped in bacon, made with bread, herbs and pine nuts and is sure to bring out the festive in you for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Enjoy it

Bbq Lamb Souvlaki

A well know Greek fast food consisting of BBQ’d meat on a skewer and wrapped in pita bread usually with vegetables. The word “Souvlaki” actually means “Skewer”. Souvlaki is traditionally

Slow Cooked Lamb

There’s something magical about slow cooking. It tends to bring out additional flavours that normally seem absent. This pull apart lamb is truly to die for. It’s quite easy to

How To Cook A Perfect Juicy Steak

There’s a hundred ways to cook a steak but for me, this method has always given me amazing results. The action of flipping your steak regularly keeps the juices in

Pork Fillet Prosciutto

Saltimbocca meaning “jump in the mouth” is usually an Italian dish prepared with veal, the combination of the sage and the prosciutto are a perfect marriage. The perfect marriage of

Lamb And Potato Moussaka

A Greek version of Moussaka consisting of layers of eggplant and potato, it’s very similar to a lasagna without the pasta. Serve it with a Greek salad for a perfect

Pork Wellington Recipe

Named after the Duke of Wellington, this old classic recipe normally known as Beef Wellington, is replacing the beef with the pork tenderloin cut, pork fillet.

Boeuf Bourguignon

Slow cooking is the secret to this dish. Beef burgundy known in French as Boeuf Bourguignon, a well know and popular dish across France. It’s a slow cooked stew, braised

Chocolate Fudgy Brownies

A brownie is a cross between a cake and chocolate fudge or a soft cookie, and can be anywhere in between. I like mine a little more on the fudge

Crepes Suzette Recipe

Crepe Suzette is a French dessert consisting of crepes (thin pancakes) and a carmelised sauce of sugar and butter with orange juice. Usually served flambe with a Grand Marnier orange

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