How to make ricotta cheese at home, it’s simple! It’s basically creamy milk with a little salt and vinegar. Why would you buy it when it has so many additives. You can make it so easily at home with fresh ingredients. Plus it tastes so much better. You want to use full cream milk and it’s best to add further cream for a real smooth rich cheese. I used pasteurized homogenized milk which gives me great results. It’s up to you how long you drain it for, it can be dry, wet or anything in between.  A little wet is better for easy spreading, dryer is better for fillings.    Use it for savories or for sweets, great with jam on warm toast. Great for Italian fillings in cannelloni or ravioli, even crumbled on salads or pizzas. There’s 1000 uses for ricotta cheese. Enjoy making ricotta cheese at home and check out some of my ricotta cheese recipes.