This will be your goto sourdough bread recipe. It’s easy and yields amazing results.

Welcome to the world of home bread making.
There is a lot to understand about making sour dough bread. Sometimes too much information will do your head in, therefore I’ll try to keep this as simple as possible, even remove steps that aren’t absolutely necessary.

There are many different techniques and variables for making sourdough bread. Some are simple, some complicated and others simply over complicated. They all yield different results and in time, you can try different techniques and adapt your own style. It’s actually more about technique than the flour.

For this recipe, I will show you what I believe to be the simplest method that will still provide amazing results. It’s not the best method in the world, but a simplified version that I know you will love. And no, there’s no kneading required, only mixing and folding.

Understand that sour dough bread making is not a quick and easy recipe. It requires some patience, passion and science. But boy, is it rewarding, and once you start, I promise you it can get addictive, you will never want to buy bread again. First you will need a sourdough starter, you can either buy it from a local artisanal bakery, ask a baker friend, or make it from scratch. It’s very easy, only requires 5 minutes a day for seven days. See my starter recipe first. If you already have the starter, then you will need a Dutch oven or bread pan, a bread lame or razor blade, at worst a sharp knife can work. An oval bread banneton basket or you could use a mixing bowl lined with a clean kitchen towel. You will need a bench dough scraper and of course an oven that can reach a reasonably hot temperature.