How to make croissants at home and make your house smell like a French bakery.  That’s not a joke, the smell alone is well worth the effort of this recipe.  Once those hot little babies from heaven come to life, try and resist eating them.  Try resisting eating just one!

This will be one of the most rewarding pastries you will make.  Why not roll them up with a bar of dark chocolate and make chocolate croissants.  I will be honest and tell you now that it is a technical recipe and it may take you a few goes to master it. However no matter what the outcome, I can guarantee that they will still taste incredible even if not perfect.

Please watch the video several times before you make this recipe.  How to make croissants is actually quite simple when you break down the steps.  You thrown all the ingredients in a mixer, refrigerate over night, then you add the butter, do two turns resting the dough each time, then you spread out the dough, cut, prove and bake.  It’s quite simple, just lot’s of resting time.    So enjoy this classic French croissants recipe as you rest, it’s truly worth the effort!