For salmon lovers, this will be one of the best appetisers you will taste. Rillettes is a French dish that was originally made using pork. The meat is shredded and cooked in fat. It can also be done with other proteins such as duck, chicken, goose, even tuna or salmon as per this recipe.

Rillettes are traditionally quite smooth, however when it comes to salmon, I like it them little coarser. You can mash it to your liking.

This recipe has the addition of smoked salmon. The mixture is composed with capers, dill, yogurt, and butter. I also like a little mayonnaise and a drizzle of olive oil for that extra kick.

You can serve it as a starter (Entrée) or as an appetiser. It’s best with toasted baguette and also works well on any crispy cracker. You could fancy it up with a some salmon roe and serve them as an appetiser. Refrigerate, they will keep well for a few days. You can use them straight out of the fridge, as this recipe keeps them soft enough to spread.