Looking for super crispy calamari (squid) rings? What about taking it to another level with garlic and parsley. Then this recipe is for you. Salt and pepper calamari is a popular bar snack at great for sharing with friends over a cold drink. It’s also a great starter with a salad, in fact it can also be a main meal.

The Addition of Szechuan peppercorns in the crispy salt and pepper coating, gives them a unique flavour and a tingling sensation. They are optional, if you’re not a fan or if don’t have them in stock, just use extra black peppercorns instead. It will still be great! An Asian dish made Mediterranean style!

These rings are super crispy by using egg wash and two types of flour.The calamari is soft inside with a beautiful flavour.  Wait until you taste one and then see if you don’t eat them all!