If you’re a tomato lover like I am, then you will love this soup.  The tomatoes are firstly roasted to intensify their flavours and bring out the sugars.  The selection of good quality tomatoes is of course important, you want sweetness and flavour.  These days a lot of supermarket tomatoes taste like water chestnuts.  So the best time to make this soup is when tomatoes are at their peak of the season.  That’s also when fresh basil is in season, which is the other important ingredient.  Master those two ingredients and you will have a soup to die for.  There’s two options here, make it as a regular soup or take it to another level by adding some golden crunch puff pastry.  The steam will rise pushing the dough into a dome shape making your soup look like a spectacular souffle from a fancy restaurant.  Plus once you crack it open, a puff of fresh basil scented steam will permeate into your senses.  It’s theatrical but it’s also a tasty combination.  Happy soup!