If you’re a fan of the hearty minestrone, then you will also love this!   Harira is a Moroccan soup typically made with lamb or chicken, tomatoes, chickpeas, lentils, and a variety of spices. This version is made using chicken breast. It’s a soup that’s often served during Ramadan as a way to break the fast.

The soup is hearty and filling and can be garnished with lemon, cilantro, or mint. I also like to add a dollop of yogurt in the serving bowl, it gives it that creamy tangy flavour that goes so well.

Harira is a dish passed down through generations, and each family has their unique recipe. Moroccan families often make it for special occasions, such as weddings and births.

Whether you’re breaking your fast during Ramadan or simply looking for a delicious and nourishing soup, harira is worth trying!

If you are looking for a delicious and nourishing soup, look no further than harira!