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Carrozza Mozzarella

Ham and mozzarella cheese fried together in a sandwich makes this dish a great tasty snack or a quick lunch. Cut them up and you have appetisers, your guests won’t

Creamy pappardelle

Creamy Garlic Pasta with Crispy Salami is a delicious and easy pasta dish that is perfect for a quick weeknight meal. I used fresh pasta for this recipe, you can

How To Make Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is the basis to many sauces, soups and other dishes. It’s a staple for any kitchen that’s made from chicken bones or carcasses, a few vegetables and aromatic

Open Grilled Avocado

Open grilled sandwiches are a great approach to a tasty lunch with minimal fuss. You can prepare this meal in less than 5 minutes. If you preheat your grill, you

Yellow Curry Fish & Mussel Soup

Thai Yellow curry has many uses and surprisingly quite underrated considering the beautiful flavours and aromas. Once you make this soup yourself, you’ll be surprised that it’s comparable to some

Salade Lyonnaise With Crispy Fried Egg

Salade lyonnaise is traditionally made with bitter curly leaf lettuce and a poached egg. It’s a dish very similar to the ever famous Caesar Salad. My version is a twist

Healthy Wholemeal Vegetable Pasta

A simple healthy pasta meal with caramelised sweet potato. I used organic wholemeal or wholegrain penne which is a healthier option when eating pasta. It’s a very simple recipe to

How To Stone, Peel And Slice An Avocado

They may be fatty but they are healthy fats that help reduce cholesterol. They have 4 grams of protein which is more than other fruits. plus they are rich in

Italian Lemon Pasta

This recipe is for a delicious and easy pasta dish that is perfect for a quick weeknight meal. I usually cook this in the time in takes to cook the

Pork Wellington Recipe

Named after the Duke of Wellington, this old classic recipe normally known as Beef Wellington, is replacing the beef with the pork tenderloin cut, pork fillet.

How To Make Potato Gnocchi

A gnocchi meaning “Knot in Wood” is a dumpling made from soft dough consisting of flour, eggs and potato. There are huge variations that you can make to accompany it,

Fried Eggs and Salmon Muffins

Looking for the best breakfast recipe? Look no further than this amazing smoked salmon egg recipe! It’s perfect for a weekend brunch or weekday breakfast. Plus, it only takes minutes

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