Recipes - Easy Meals with Video Recipes by Chef Joel Mielle - RECIPE30

Crab and Corn Fritters

These crab and corn fritters make a great starter or appetizers. They are simple to make and your guests will love them. Serve with a mayonnaise or an aoli.

Wholemeal Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

An Italian dish that originated in Napoli and was once known as a great last minute pasta recipe when wanting to make a quick meal. This version also has anchovies

Sweet Potato Lasagna

Individual lasgana portions are simple to make and look great. Made with sweet potato, spinach and fresh pesto. I also used Pecorino cheese for an intense flavour but you can

Sweet Potato Purée

Baking the sweet potatoes is the secret to the amazing flavour. The sweet potatoes caramelise under the skin yielding this awesome flavour. If you prefer silky, you can use it


Malfatti, a light and fluffy yet cheesy rich dumplings.  These little pillows from heaven are truly amazing.  Similar to gnocchi with an Italian rustic charm.  Simple to make and you

Chicken breast filled with a Goat Cheese and spinach filling

A fine dining chicken recipe you can simply make at home. It looks incredible and tastes even better.  A great dinner party meal to impress your friends. This chicken recipe

Deviled eggs Italian Style

Simple and easy to make deviled eggs, or written as devilled eggs in UK. This recipe has an Italian twist using capers and anchovies. Great for any occasion finger food

How To Breakdown A Chicken

It amazes me how much extra we are charged for such a simple task. I’ve seen it up to three times the price for something that takes under two minutes

Pork Fillet Prosciutto

Saltimbocca meaning “jump in the mouth” is usually an Italian dish prepared with veal, the combination of the sage and the prosciutto are a perfect marriage. The perfect marriage of

Poached eggs Italian Twisted Style

The most delicious breakfast you will have. Although the ingredients and flavours are very Italian, most Italians don’t eat eggs for breakfast. That’s why this recipe is a twisted style.

Chicken Parmesan Crunch

This is a new technique for the ever popular baked chicken Parmesan. With the crouton crunch, the white wine glaze and the moist chicken and tomato, this dish may be

Tomato Feuilleté

It’s amazing how spectacular a quick meal can be. Not only does this tart look incredible, it tastes awesome and can be made in 15 minutes.

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