A middle Eastern style cheesy dip made with healthy creamy yoghurt. If you like hummus, you will also like this.   For this recipe I used goat’s milk yoghurt, it will give you a much nicer flavour.  You can however use any natural full cream yoghurt, even Greek yoghurt will still work fine. 

Labneh is basically yoghurt that has been strained of its liquid, (known as whey) giving you an exceptionally smooth yoghurt cream cheese.  You simply add a little salt and voila!  Two ingredients, how simple is that!

In this recipe, it’s used as a party dip, but could also be used, in the same manner as cream cheese. On baked potatoes, sandwiches, vegetables etc.  there’s a million uses.

For the herbs and spices, I simply used, sumac (A flower that has a tangy lemony spice).  Dried oregano and sesame seeds.  You can make up your own flavours, including mixing it with freshly minced garlic.  Adding lemon juice, thyme, fresh herbs etc.

You can serve it with raw vegetables, radishes, olives, bell peppers, cucumbers etc. Serve garnished with fresh mint and warm pita bread. Enjoy a batch of labneh today!