This soup is perfect if you want to boost your immunity, and in these current times in 2020 of pandemic flu viruses and quarantine, it’s something we all need.  But it’s not just a healthy soup, it’s a delicious soup you’ll want more of at anytime.  In fact you’ll quickly forget it’s healthy.

Turmeric helps fight inflammation and is a miracle spice we should all consume more off.  The pepper helps your body with the absorption of the turmeric, so it’s not just for taste.

The ginger is perfect for flu, colds and digestion.  The chicken broth also has anti inflammatory effects and great for colds, it will help clear you up.

Of course the garlic is loaded with benefits and helps regulate blood pressure and sugar levels.  There’s two levels, the cooked garlic and the raw garlic at the end for full nutrients.   The kale is packed with antioxidants including vitamin C and k and many other nutrients.  Great to remove toxins from the body.  The coconut cream is for flavour and it also contains immune strengthening properties.

Try and buy an organic pasture chicken that’s antibiotic free.

You can see why this soup is an immune booster.  It should be called the miracle soup.  Make a big pot of it today, and freeze half so it’s ready for quick meals. Enjoy my immune boosting chicken soup.