This is a non traditional technique for poaching an egg when you’re in a hurry.

(Caution liquids can explode by buildup of steam underneath.) Eggs can also explode if your microwave has hot spots, so be very carful, safety first.  This has never happened to me at present.

I can poach two eggs using this method faster than the bread takes to toast.

Because it cooks using the microwaves plus the heated water, there’s a two way cooking process. So it’s fast! If your eggs are fresh, you’ll find it works amazingly. If you’re eggs are old, you will get mixed results, so always use the freshest eggs possible.  Also room temperature eggs work best, so take your eggs out of the fridge 30 minutes prior if you have time.

Microwaves have different wattage strengths, therefore it may take a little less or a little longer. The one I used was 1200 Watts.  Perhaps start with a lower wattage first and increase it from there.  Experiment, turn off and check after 45 seconds, then continue so you don’t over cook it.  

You can also use two eggs in a larger bowl, I find cups easy. Half a cup of water per cup does the trick. Enjoy perfect poached eggs.  Take notes of timing and settings so you have perfect eggs each time.  Happy breakfast!