Boiling an egg is not rocket science, and keeping it simple is the best way. This method is how I learnt as an apprentice Chef and still works perfectly today. No additives, no gimmicks just plain old eggs and water. And it’s quick to do and so simple plus you get easy to peel eggs which is what we all wish for. The eggs don’t need to be room temperature, use them straight from the fridge, that works best. It’s the extreme heat temperature that separates the egg from the shell when cooking. Be gentle and they won’t crack. By not over cooking the eggs, you won’t get the dark greenish unsightly ring around the yolk. This is a chemical reaction caused by hydrogen that’s in the egg which combines with the sulfur and reacts with the iron in the yolk. This is usually caused by over cooking the eggs so stick to the right amount of time. Water with a lot of iron can also cause this reaction but it’s unusual. If your eggs are larger than normal, large or jumbo size, they will need an extra minute or two. Leave them to cool in cold water but if you want them warm, then take them out after a couple minutes and peel. This cooking method gives you eggs that are easy to peel and works perfectly every time. A quick tip, older eggs always work better than fresh ones. If you live in high altitude then things may be different as water boils at a different temperature. Depending on how high you are, you will need to cook them a little longer. If you’re trying it on top of Mount Everest, they probably will never cook. See my recipes for deviled eggs and more.