There are a lot of “Best fried chicken recipes” out there, many try to imitate the famous KFC secret recipe, in fact you can see my version here.  Now this is not a KFC copycat recipe. But read on…


So why try and make something yourself when you can simply buy it?


The reason is to make it better!  


Let’s face it, as good as KFC might be, it’s convenience food. You don’t really know what type of chickens they are, nor where they come from. What quality of oil is being used, and how fresh the herbs and spices are. 


By making fried chicken yourself, you can look for a healthier frying oil. Maybe even some fresh pastured organic chicken, that is if your budget allows it.  What about some spices that have been freshly ground? You simply can’t beat that sort of taste and freshness. The taste of homemade fried chicken.  


The good news is that it’s quite simple to make, despite simplicity and ingredients. I’ll be bold enough to claim that this is the best recipe you will ever find. I know, I know  that’s a big claim, but don’t just take my word for it, hop onto to my YouTube video and read the comments.  With many millions of views and positive comments, it must mean something. 


Maybe it’s the the smokiness of the paprika, the popcorn like crunchy coating, or the juicy chicken meat that’s been brined in buttermilk.   Whatever the reason, you will be amazed at the outcome.  Best thing you don’t need a KFC deep frying pressure cooker, simply use a standard deep fryer or any pot deep enough.  Try and use one with a heavy bottom and never overfill it as oil can easily catch fire.


I have made this recipe using boneless and skinless chicken thighs.  Chicken thighs do have more flavour and retain their juiciness even in high heat.  You can however make it with chicken breast too. They will be a little dryer, so best to keep the skin on.


Serve it with a crisp  well-seasoned salad, maybe a few fries on the side.  You can also use this recipe for an awesome chicken burger.  Either way,  make it quick before this becomes the next secret fried chicken recipe and becomes locked in a vault!