You will never buy chicken liver pâté again!
There’s no better spread over slices of baguette or your favourite cracker. Silky and smooth, it’s the perfect appetizer everyone loves. Ideal for dinner parties, cocktail parties, and the festive seasons. Pâté can also make a great food gift, placed in little glass containers.

Make sure your butcher has cleaned the livers. If not, pull out some of the membranes, and look out for any gallbladders, been green in colour, they are easy to spot. Don’t miss any as they are bitter and will ruin the taste.

A good pâté should be smooth, without any lumps and easy to spread. This recipe takes it another step for extra smooth. I use a little bacon in mine, for that hint of smokiness and smoother flavour.

FYI, Pâté also has health benefits, as livers contain vitamin B12 which is commonly deficient, particularly in older people.

It will keep one week refrigerated. Simply cover it well in cling film, or reline with melted butter after use. Enjoy my Extra Smooth Chicken Liver pâté today!