See the secret to a super crispy salmon skin.

This pan-fried seared salmon is poached in its own sauce, rendering it flaky and moist.  It’s served on a bed of leek confit and topped with a beurre blanc sauce.

If you wish to impress your friends at the next dinner party, then this is for you!  Crispy Skin, Pan Seared Salmon.


The secret to a super crispy skin is quite simple, in fact I will tell you now, but please keep it to yourself!


You simply remove the skin and cook it separately, that is it! Simple as that!  Shhh….


The idea simply came to mind out of nowhere, and since then, many Chefs and home cooks alike have copied it.  It must be well worth the effort, so give it a go!

The skin becomes super crispy, and it goes deliciously well with this delicate salmon fish.  The skin is placed on top of the buttery sauce coated fish, so you retain that beautiful crispy skin.

But that step is optional, as it does require an extra step plus an oven. If cooking without the optional crispy skin, this dish is very quick and so easy to make.

Of course, you need good piece of fish first.  Try and buy wild salmon, it’s richer in flavour and so much healthier. Buy it fresh from your local fish monger and ask for wild, not farmed. Wild is usually darker in colour, a deep orange red colour.

These types of fish are generally cooked medium to medium rare so please don’t overcook it, unless you absolutely must. The fish should look translucent inside and not like canned tuna or it will be dry.  Cooking it less will give you a succulent, delicate fish that’s never dry.  That’s up to your taste tough, either way you will fall in love after your first morsel of this delectable one pan wonder recipe.

If making it for a dinner party, you can precook them a little in the pan, then transfer to a baking tray and finish in oven.  Reduce and finish the sauce in the pan.

Always use a good quality dry white wine, one that you would enjoy drinking, the fruity notes of the wine will reflect in the taste of the sauce.  This could be a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinos Gris or Riesling.  Any good dry white wine is suitable.  If you don’t drink wines, see my wine substitute page here.

Buy a good quality butter as after all, the sauce is made from butter, so it will directly affect the taste.  I like the French butter flavour, but I am biased.  Try and buy from any dairy brand that grass feeds their stock.

Make sure you buy proper shallots, not small onions or anything similar, they have to be the real shallots.  I prefer the red ones with a slight sweeter note which goes well in this dish.  If you can’t find those, any shallot will do.

Serve this salmon dish with plain rice to absorb that decadent sauce and a side of green vegetable such as asparagus, broccolini, green beans or spinach.

So, go ahead, make it today, I promise you, it will not be the last time!


Enjoy my Perfect Pan Seared Salmon with Lemon Butter Cream Sauce!