A creme caramel is a delicate baked custard dessert topped with runny caramel sauce.


This classic and simple dessert has always been one of my favourites. In fact, I could have a crème caramel for dessert every single day.  What amazes me the most is that it’s made with only four ingredients.


This used to be a very popular dessert in French restaurants, it’s cheap to make and has the convenience of being prepared in advance. Perfect for dinner parties.


With only four ingredients, buy the best quality product you can afford.  Always use the full cream milk, and never buy low fat, in fact never buy it under any circumstance.  Use the real vanilla bean or ta least the real vanilla bean extract and not those lab made versions which are fake vanilla.


A perfect creme caramel should have no sign of bubbles on the sides.  The caramel shouldn’t bee too dark as it will be bitter or to light as it has no flavour.  A little bit of bitterness is highly regarded. 


The crème caramel needs to rest in the fridge at least one day.  This will dissolve the hardened caramel so you have a nice topping.  If you unmould it too soon, and sometimes I’m quite guilty of that! Most of the caramel will be stuck to the bottom of the bowl, so best to wait.


If you follow this recipe accurately, you will achieve perfection. Watch the video how to cook the perfect creme caramel, still using only four ingredients. Bon appetit!