Homemade eggnog just wouldn’t be the same without brandy and nutmeg! Not only do they add a deep, rich flavour to this iconic holiday beverage, but the combination of nutmeg and brandy provides an added warmth that’s sure to linger.  This is like a Brandy Alexander cocktail.


You can of course add further spices such as clove, ginger, cinnamon etc. I prefer the simplistic version as per this recipe.  Plus, one secret ingredient we all have in our kitchens.


Homemade eggnog is so much more than just a simple drink – it is something to be savoured with family and friends to celebrate the joy of the season. Upon arrival of your guests, hand them some eggnog in a cocktail glass within 60 seconds. That’s what a good host does, and it says Merry Christmas.  You could also add some crushed ice, freshly grated nutmeg and a little drinking chocolate powder on top. 


Whether you like yours extra creamy or downright boozy like me, with a generous sprinkling of nutmeg or an extra splash of brandy, savour each sip of homemade eggnog. One of the most popular holiday beverages around!