If you like hot cross buns, you will love this recipe with soaked raisins, orange zest and the right balance of spices. Not too sweet and rich and fluffy as we love them. Hot cross buns are a traditional Easter treat that has been enjoyed in England and other parts of the world for centuries. The buns are usually made with a sweet, spiced dough that contains dried fruit, and they are marked with a cross on top, either with icing or pastry.

The origins of hot cross buns can be traced back to ancient pagan traditions, where sweet buns were baked to celebrate the arrival of spring. In Christian traditions, the cross on the buns represents the crucifixion of Jesus, and the spices inside symbolize the spices used to embalm him.
In addition to their rich history, hot cross buns are also delicious to eat. They are soft, sweet, and spicy, with a hint of tartness from the dried fruit.

They can be enjoyed fresh from the oven, toasted with butter, or even used to make a bread pudding. Enjoy and happy Easter!