Thai Larb Salad is a staple dish in Thailand, you will find it in restaurants and also as street food. The toasted rice known khao kua gives it a crunchy texture with a popcorn like roasted fragrance, this is what makes it so special. My version is heavier on the greens making it a very healthy meal, but you can vary the quantities and add more meat if you prefer. It’s cooked without oil and it’s all about the fresh aromatic flavours. This healthy Thai chicken salad is also made with pork, so chose your protein. Traditionally it’s mainly a pork salad but I know most people will select the chicken salad option. Buy a good chicken mince that has thighs and not just breast, you don’t want this to be dry. You can also add half a teaspoon of sugar as most Thai cooks will suggest, however being healthy I’m leaving it out. Go for palm sugar if you chose to do so. Best about this healthy Thay chicken salad is that it’s cooked all in one pan. Happy cooking!