Who says salads have to be raw? There’s something delicious about a roasted vegetable salad in any season!

Because all vegetables cook at different rates, there’s a little skill and timing involved, but don’t worry it’s very easy. You first start with the hardest vegetables, the potatoes and sweet potato. The potato is still harder than the sweet potato, so you want to cut the pieces smaller, this way they finish cooking at the same time. Once these are almost cooked, you then add the softer vegetables. Finally, the tomatoes. Remember, it’s a salad, not a roast, therefore you don’t want to overcook the vegetables, you simply want to extract more flavour from them but still retain their integrity. Once cooked, simply toss the cooked vegetables (still warm) into your favourite dressing. I added mine if that helps.

For another level, try frying some halloumi cheese pieces, it makes a world of difference and turns this salad into a complete meal.