A one pot or pan wonder that you can make anytime of the week, simple and delicious. This is perfect with rice or pilaf rice, see my recipe. The chicken thighs are first coated in seasoning and smoked paprika. A little flour is added to help thicken the sauce plus to reduce sticking to the pan. It’s browned and mixed with three different colored bell peppers or capsicums. You could of course use what ever color you like if unavailable.

The chicken thighs are slowly stewed for 30 minutes rendering them very tender. The sauce is made using dry sherry or Marsala wine. There is a difference but both are good and work well. If you can’t use alcohol, simply add extra chicken stock. You can use fresh or dried herbs, both of these herbs also work well dried.

This dish is easy to reheat in a saucepan or microwave, always add a little extra water before reheating. It freezes well and will keep sever days covered in the refrigerator.