A traditional English meal that originated in UK in the 1860’s. There’s nothing nicer than fresh fish and chips but the fish has to be fresh, the batter crispy and the chips (fries) to have the right amount of crisp but still have soft potato on the inside. See my fries (chip) recipe as it’s not in this video. You can use any basic white fish, some prefer cod, some use haddock and in Australia flake is common. In this recipe I used Australian flathead, but you can use any flaky white flesh fish. It just has to be fresh, frozen won’t yield the same results. There are many gimmicky batters out there, from using vodka, to using a soda siphon to aerate the batter, resting overnight etc, while these techniques do work, who has the time to fuss with that nonsense. This recipe takes 5 minutes to make, quicker than you can heat your deep frying oil and the batter will still be perfect.