The best and simplest pepper steak or steak au poivre recipe you will find. Sometimes, less is more and this recipe is one of those. No chopping, no stocks, no rare ingredients or herbs required. All cooked on stove top.

This recipe has been proven thousands of times over. It was one of the most popular menu choices in my old restaurant. I’m almost ashamed to reveal how simple it is, but only for you, I will!

You can use any cut beef you like, but tenderloin or eye fillet is usually the better option. After all, it is a special dish so why not go all the way.

Try and crack the pepper corns yourself so you can the full aroma. Use a mortar and pestle or the underside of a saucepan. Dijon mustard is the only mustard you should use, so please, no substitutes! Buy a good brandy that you would enjoy to drink, or that you can afford. If you don’t normally drink it, get a small pocket size bottle. Remember there’s not many ingredients in this recipe, so buy the best you can within your budget. For the cream, use a heavy or thickened cream. The green pepper corns are optional, but I think well worth it. When you cook the steaks, use low heat so the pepper doesn’t burn. You want a nice crust, not a burnt one. If cooking well done or similar, probably best to use a lid to help it. You could also place the pan in a hot oven, but only if it’s already hot. Once cooked, leave to rest on heated plates in a warm spot. It should be just long enough to rest a few minutes. Any juices from the steaks, pour back into the pan sauce. Be very careful if you’re flambéing, do not try it unless you’re used to it and feel confident in a safe kitchen. Simply turn off the fire then pour in your brandy. Turn back on low after it’s cooled down a minute. Any ignition will be minor. Once the sauce has reduced and is ready, pour directly over your steaks and serve immediately. Don’t wait too long or it won’t look as good. So there you have it, a restaurant style pepper steak that’s so basic! Enjoy it with green beans and roasted or pan fried potatoes.