This recipe uses spinach and ricotta and is one of the most popular of cannelloni with its creamy filling and oozy mozzarella cheese. It’s made using three different styles of cheeses, Mozzarella, Parmesan and ricotta.

Cannelloni refers to a cylindrical style of pasta dish. The pasta is filled with a filling and covered in sauce. To save time and make life simple, you can buy pre-made cannelloni cylinder shape pasta or use fresh bought lasagne sheets and then roll them up. It’s best to first blanch any dry pasta in water for a few minutes. For this recipe I’m using fresh lasagne sheets (noodles) made with whole-wheat flour. Fresh pasta only needs one minute cooking.  If you have time, you cannot beat home made fresh pasta.

You can use any tomato sauce you like Marinara, Napolitano, etc.  This version is so simple and there’s no need to cook as that gets taken care of in the oven.

These re-heat well in the microwave and can also be frozen for ready made meals, so why not double the quantity!

I’m sure you’ll enjoy these cannelloni.