Chicken Fried Rice that’s better than any take out!  Who doesn’t like a great fried rice.  This recipe is quite simple to make and perfect if you have any leftover rice.

I find a lot of fried rice recipes tend to overcook both the chicken and the eggs.  I like my chicken juicy and my eggs fluffy, that’s why it’s well worth the effort to cook them separately.  You can still only use one pan or wok which is awesome, less cleaning up.  This recipe calls for 2 pounds or 900 grams of rice which equates to 2 cups of uncooked dry rice.  Use a long grain such as basmati or jasmine rice for great results.   If you don’t like it too hot and spicy, simply reduce the amount of chili or scrape the seeds out, they are quite often the hottest part.  This recipe has few ingredients but just enough to make it incredible.  You can of course add more vegetables such as carrot, bok choy etc.  That’s the beauty of fried rice, there’s no limits.  Enjoy chicken fried rice today, make extra and reheat left overs for tomorrow.