Thai fish cakes are another one of my favourites when it comes to Thai cuisine. These Thai fish cakes are packed with flavour and each bite will raise your eye brows. They are so simple to make if you have a food processor. If not, then you can still do it with a knife or a cleaver and a mixing bowl, no problem. There’s something special about the smooth springy texture of fish cakes, but you don’t want them rubbery. Buying good quality fish will also help, don’t use anything dry, go for softer or oily white fish fillets. Check all the bones are removed first. Most Thai people deep fry them, but I find you can get away with shallow frying. I also like to fry the coriander (cilantro) witch becomes crispy and adds another layer of texture and makes for a stunning garnish. But that part is optional, you could just use fresh sprigs. Serve these Thai fish cakes with a sweet chili sauce, garnished with a cheek of fresh lime and a few slices of chili. These are also known as Tod Mun pla.