Your taste buds will reward you with each mouth full of this shrimp risotto. A good risotto should be creamy without cream and cooked al dente like pasta. Nothing worse than gluggy risotto. It should also be a little runny once served, and not in clumps. This recipe uses fresh prawns so you can make a stock using the heads and shell. This is where most of the flavour comes from. If you can’t find fresh, use frozen, but buy them whole.

Risotto is traditionally a Northern Italian dish, it’s made using a high starch rice such as Arborio or Carnaroli and other rounded short grain rice. Arborio seems to be the most popular, although a lot of Chefs will favour Carnaroli as it’s less likely to get overcooked and retains the al dente texture. For this recipe I used Arborio, which works very well and absorbs the liquid easier. The key is to not over cook it, just like a good pasta you want that firm bite and not a soft mash that can result in being gluey.