Probably the most delicious Shepherd’s pie you will taste!  This one has an Italian accent!


Shepherd’s pie is one of those foods that both kids and adults alike, enjoy eating.  After all, its meat in sauce with mashed potatoes, and who doesn’t like that, right? It’s truly a comforting food at any time.


The way I like to eat it, is to mix it up a little bit at a time using your fork.  You need each mouthful to have mixed meat and potato, and wow, heaven!!


This recipe is far from the traditional 1800 Irish version, that is why this it comes with an Italian accent.  Traditionally you would find Guinness beer, and the potato pie idea was to use up any leftovers.


In this version I used a full-bodied red wine.  I also love the Parmesan crust on the mashed potatoes.  Adding dried porcini or Italian forest mushrooms brings the meat flavour to a higher umami level.


People confuse shepherd pie with cottage pie.  While there’s subtle differences, shepherd’s pie is made using lamb instead of beef.


This is one of those dishes that you can make ahead of time and freeze batches for those readymade meals. How convenient!  Simply avoid baking it the first time, until ready to reheat.  This way it tastes just as fresh. You can either microwave it or reheat in the oven.


Once made, you can store it at least a couple of days in a nice cold fridge, in fact it develops even more flavour the following day.


So, get your lamb ready and start making it today.  Why not double the recipe and freeze portions ready to eat.  Either way you will love this comfort food, enjoy my Shepherd’s Pie and happy cooking!