An incredible icecream you can make at home. Semifreddo meaning in Italian “half cold”, is an icecream you can make at home without an icecream maker or churner. It’s more like a frozen mousse. A semifreddo needs to be taken out of the freezer a little in advance so that it begins to soften and melt before serving. Once left out, it becomes a delectable soft ice cream dessert with a thick egg custard like sauce. With berries and pistachio nuts, a homemade Semifreddo is truly an amazing Italian dessert. It’s a great dessert for a dinner party as you can serve it all at once and just cut slices as you need it, plus you can make it the day before. I also serve it with some drizzles of raspberry coulis that run down the sides before garnishing with berries, this looks even more spectacular. I also like it with toasted almonds, there’s really no limit to the flavours you can make, the base never changes. Be very careful when using orange blossom water, as if you use too much it will taste like perfume which then becomes unpleasant. But you can’t over do it with the Grand Marnier as far as I’m concerned, so add a little more! I used a 10 x 4 inch – 15 x 10cm loaf pan (3 inch or 7.5cm height). I hope you enjoy my home made semifreddo.