If you’re a seafood lover, you can’t pass on this recipe. This seafood gratin is on another level and perfect for festive occasions to impress your guests. Gratin is a French culinary term referring to a dish that’s been topped with ingredients to create a brown crust.  This recipe uses Panko crumbs and Emmental cheese for a beautiful crispy top.  You could also use standard breadcrumbs and Swiss cheese as a replacement. 


You will need fresh shrimp or prawns, so you can use the heads and shell for a beautiful stock.  If you can’t find fresh, try whole frozen, but you will need those heads.


The dish is lined with a confit of leek which marries so well with seafood.


If you wish to make it in advance, simply leave out to cool down before baking, cover and refrigerate. Bake the following day. Either way, enjoy my next level seafood gratin.