The marriage of leeks and scallops had to be sent from the heavens. If you’re looking at impressing your friends, your Valentine or VIP guests, then look no further then this divine dish. You could find this dish in the best of restaurants and I guarantee it wouldn’t taste any better. It’s relatively easy to make, although it’s a three step process. You can make them in advance the same day and simply bake them just before serving. The secret will always be to buy the best possible freshest scallops. Straight out of the shell is always best, but any good dry scallop will be awesome. Be careful when buying as sometimes they can be soaked in water and they will turn into rubber balls. Frozen can still be good if they were frozen on the boat. Enjoy Scallop Gratin with Leek Confit or as we say in French, “Saint Jacques Fondue Poireaux”.