Sausage and Mushroom Fettuccine out of this world!

Can’t get to a restaurant? Then bring the restaurant to your home with this tasty sausage and Mushroom Fettuccine recipe. It’s made with a few simple ingredients. You however will need dried porcini mushrooms. If you really can’t find them, then use alternative dried mushrooms, but not the fresh ones.

Get the real Italian sausages with pork, fennel and spices. Find a dry white wine (or see my substitute recipes) that you would enjoy to drink. Don’t skimp on quality, remember this is a restaurant at home dish. Use fresh rosemary if you can, it is worth it, otherwise dried will also work.

Buy some freshly made egg fettuccine or see my recipe to make your own, it’s well worth it. I used 2 eggs and 400g flour for four serves. So enjoy sausage and mushroom fettuccine, it’s out of this world on flavour!