A dish made in around 20 minutes, that’s healthy, simple to make and tastes even better!  To make the classic wrapper for Papillote, parchment paper is the most popular.  In the past the same effect was created using corn husks, banana leaves, grapevine leaves or even foil.  Guests love it, when the wrapper is pierced and opened, a burst of aromatic steam is released for that theatrical moment.

The papillotes are quite simple to make, there’s no pans to wash and the result is amazing.  The only disadvantage is that it’s difficult to gauge to see if the food is cooked.  Usually, the best signs to look for are that the package should be puffy, paper turns brown on the outside and any liquid should be boiling around the edges.

Papillotes are perfect for tender foods like fish or seafood.  You can add vegetables such as greens or potatoes, you will however need to blanch them first.  Try not to overcrowd the contents or you will have leakage problems. That’s where most people go wrong. Larger paper is easier to use.