Crispy meringue outside, light soft marshmallow inside, topped with cream and fruit. This recipe is a rustic version, nothing fancy, simple to make and delicious. Originally named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, in honour of the dance during her tour in Australia. Some say it could also be New Zealand but it is similar to a cream cake that dates back to the early 1900’s in Australia. For me it’s always been an Aussie cake that’s usually served a lot around Christmas time.

This recipe is a no fuss recipe for that appetising rustic look. You could of course make it into a fancy cake shape if you prefer. For me personally, the meringue cracks and texture makes it better. I like the meringue to caramelise a little, so it’s light brown in colour. It has a nicer taste. If you prefer pure white meringue, you’ll need a lower oven temperature and longer drying time. For the fruit, same deal, you could arrange it like a fancy cake or an assortment of berries placed on top. Use the fruit you like, there’s no rules. But don’t go for very sweet fruits as the pavlova is already sweet. To compensate, I never add sugar to the cream, I think it makes it far too sweet.

So, if you have a sweet tooth and enjoy meringue, marshmallow, cream, and fruit, what are you waiting for? Start whisking those whites.