A simple risotto made with Italian sausage, peas and saffron spice. A good risotto should be creamy without cream and cooked al dente like pasta. Nothing worse than a gluggy risotto. It should also be a little runny once served, and not in clumps.

This recipe uses freshly made chicken stock; this step is optional but recommended as your risotto is only as good as your stock. I never buy stocks and I always buy whole chickens. The chicken carcass and bones make the most delicious stock and it’s healthy. Bought stocks are full of preservatives, salt and flavour enhancers, some don’t even have chicken! There may be some good ones you can buy but I haven’t seen them yet.

Risotto is traditionally a Northern Italian dish, it’s made using a high starch rice such as Arborio or Carnaroli and other rounded short grain rice. Arborio seems to be the most popular, although a lot of Chefs will favour Carnaroli as it’s less likely to get overcooked and retains the al dente texture. For this recipe I used Carnaroli, which works very well and absorbs the liquid easier. The key is to not over cook it, just like a good pasta you want that firm bite and not a soft mash that can result in being gluey.
I used Italian sausages which usually contain fennel, this gives the meat pieces a beautiful flavour. The flavour also infuses into the rice. Buy the good cheese and throw in a little or a lot of butter, either way you can’t go wrong.

Always serve it immediately but if you can’t, reheat it in a pan with a little water. I like to also drizzle a little olive oil on top before serving. Enjoy risotto with sausage and peas