The best stew you will ever taste. This slow braising method fuses the ingredients together leaving you with an incredible tender, moist and rich flavoured meat.

Lamb is becoming a more fashionable red meat as it’s a healthier meat as it contains many vitamins, minerals and B12. Try and buy grass fed and it will also have the heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

But enough about health, this recipe is about taste. If you like those rich casserole stews, then look further, this is a complete meal cooked in one pot. The slow cooking process tenderises the meat and develops the flavour.

A complete meal because it has carrots, peas, potatoes all built in. The best part is that it will taste even better the next day, so make a big pot. It’s also easy to freeze for ready made meals when you’re short on time. I usually place them in glass storage containers and then microwave them or add a splash of water in a saucepan and reheat on very low heat.

For the wine, make sure you buy a full bodied wine, like a shiraz or cabernet sauvignon. Do not go crazy on the price but don’t skimp either, the quality of the wine will affect the sauce. It is a red wine sauce after all.

As an option, I like to serve it with a crusty toasted bread, rubbed with a clove of garlic for that extra flavour. This is of course optional. Sprinkle some freshy chopped parsley or you can even use the celery leaves to add colour and freshness before serving.